Do you want to improve the quality of your life?


With ReSound LiNX Quattro


You can now enjoy:

  • Made for Android* or compatible Apple devices (Direct Bluetooth streaming)
    * From Android version 10 with Bluetooth version 5.0
  • More natural and clearer sound
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology with Quick Charge functionality (No more hassle in changing batteries)
  • Enriched music experience
  • Dust & moisture resistant

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Are you suffering from ringing in the ear?

Tinnitus can’t be completely eliminated and there are no fast fixes. It takes commitment and time, but managing your tinnitus can help you be more comfortable.


Your treatment is just as individual as your tinnitus. Which option is best for you?

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ReSound in Malaysia

ReSound constantly strives to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active and fulfilling lives. 


With roots that reach all the way back to 1943, ReSound has pioneered the hearing aid industry and delivered a number of hearing industry firsts. 


ReSound was the first to deliver 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity and the world's first Made for Apple hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming. 

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ReSound LiNX Quattro

Enjoy a world of brilliant sound

A complete collection of premium hearing aid solutions designed for everyday life and work.


• Full spectrum of streaming, including direct streaming from iOS and Android™ devices*

• A range of models to suit all needs and preferences

• The world’s most advanced rechargeable hearing solution


Available in Receiver-in-ear, Behind-the-Ear hearing aid style and custom model hearing aid styles.

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ReSound ENZO Q™

So much more than just powerful

• Crystal clear, Comfortable, High-quality sound

• Even greater connectivity and direct streaming

• Fully personalize to suit your preferences

• Convenient remote and real-time support

• Perfectly complements Cochlear™ implants


Available in the Behind-the-Ear hearing aid style.

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ReSound ENZO 3D

The smallest hearing aid available for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Available in the Behind-the-Ear hearing aid style.

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ReSound Enya

Affordable hearing aid with excellent sound quality. Available in all hearing aid styles.

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